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Composed by Clint Mansell

1. C24 (Clint Mansell)
2. DooM (Clint Mansell)
3. Olduvai / Facing Demons (Clint Mansell)
4. Searching... (Clint Mansell)
5. Sibling Rivalry (Clint Mansell)
6. The Lab (Clint Mansell)
7. Taking Control (Clint Mansell)
8. Mac Attack! (Clint Mansell)
9. Resurrection (Clint Mansell)
10. BFG! (Clint Mansell)
11. Destroyed (Clint Mansell)
12. Infirmary (Clint Mansell)
13. Experiment: Stahl (Clint Mansell)
14. Containment Breach (Clint Mansell)
15. Superhumans And Monsters (Clint Mansell)
16. Kill 'Em All... (Clint Mansell)
17. ... Let God Sort 'Em Out (Clint Mansell)
18. Mass Onslaught (Clint Mansell)
19. First Person Shooter (Clint Mansell)
20. Semper Fi (Clint Mansell)
21. Go To Hell (Clint Mansell)
22. You Know What You Are? (Clint Mansell Remix) (Nine Inch Nails)

Soundtrack score de "DooM A Porta do Inferno - Filme".

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