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Stigmata - 1999

Music Composed by Billy Corgan and Make Garson

1.Chumbawamba - Mary, Mary [Stigmata Mix]
2.Remy Zero - Gramarye
3.All Is Full of Love
4.David Bowie - The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell
5.Release [Edit]
6.Massive Attack - Inertia Creeps
7.Natalie Imbruglia - Identify
8.Billy Corgan; Mike Garson - Identify /1,000,000 Voices [Dust]
9.Billy Corgan; Mike Garson - Pop Pop/Await/Reflect [Pretty]
10.Billy Corgan; Mike Garson - Reflect /Truth [Clouds]
11.Billy Corgan; Mike Garson - Of Square Waves/Random Thought
12.Billy Corgan; Mike Garson - Reflection/Posession
13.Billy Corgan; Mike Garson - Reflect /Of Sine Waves [Gray]
14.Billy Corgan; Mike Garson; Royal Berlin Knife and Phorchestra - Distrbnce (After Sckhausen) /Reflect /Orah [Pause]
15.Billy Corgan; Mike Garson - Sustain/Identify [Affectation]
16.Billy Corgan; Mike Garson - All Answers Revealed/Reflect (Devotion)
17.Billy Corgan; Mike Garson - Purge/10,000,000 Voices/Reflect /Identify [Peace]
18.Billy Corgan; Mike Garson - Reflect (Time)/Tree Whispers

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  1. hi, the download for this goes to blogger.com.


  2. olá, esta trilha vai direto pro BLOGGER .com...

  3. A ost desse filme é muuuuito boa, Billy Corgan estava inspirado. Obrigada por postar!


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