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Olhos do Mal | No-Do "The Beckoning" (2009)

No-Do "The Beckoning" Banda sonora
The Haunting - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack(2009)
Olhos do Mal - Trilha Sonora Original

Music Composed by Elio Quiroga

01. Main Titles
02. Blanca Meets Miguel
03. The New House
04. Whores Don't Make Miracles
05. A Long Dream
06. First Night In The House
07. The Three Girls
08. Ex-Votos
09. I Have Strange Dreams
10. The Baby Visited
11. Nightmare
12. Black Smoke
13. The Baby's Gone
14. Who's Knocking On The Door?
15. Francesca Meets Miguel
16. Lecture At The Seminary
17. Footprints On The Wall
18. Because I'm Telling You
19. Recording The Prayers
20. Leave My Wife Alone
21. Good And Bad Miracles
22. Miguel's Hesitance
23. The Secret Room
24. The Martyrs And The Third Postulate

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